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Acknowledge & You Matter More

Our purpose in this first session is to offer simple steps to begin the process of unwinding from your stress.  

There are two things you must do on your journey to unwind your stress:

  1. Acknowledge, with neutrality, the stress by identifying what is causing it.

  2. Reconnect to you – that you are more important than any of your stressors.   

It is important to make sure that your stress does not own you and, in order to do that, you must identify what the stressors are. You must acknowledge them and understand that they are not going away. TRY IT ON:

  • As a start, jot down every area of your life that’s stressing you out. 
  • Write them down with neutrality. 
  • Completely let go of trying to make things different. 
  • You are not creating solutions, just admitting and acknowledging to yourself that these things stress you out, own you and exhaust you.

In order to begin successfully unwinding from them, you must recognize that you are much more important than they are. 

For example, your work is not more important than your health.   Perhaps the hardest acknowledgment will come if you are a parent.  As such, you are someone who really values being able to support and give love to your children, even if it means sacrificing your own well-being.  But, challenge yourself to accept that if you let the stress weigh you down, you’ll not be able to be the powerful, loving, passionate, compassionate person to all of those that you truly care about.

In other words, realize that any stress (whatever it might be) is not worth your health or your joy in life. Once you have identified your stressors by writing them down, create a mantra in your head…….something like:

 “I am more valuable than my stress.” 

This should be an expression over which you take full ownership.  Say it to yourself as you go through the next five days as you unwind by unraveling the stresses you have identified. 

Most importantly, remember that the stress is not going away.  What will change is you, and your relationship to it.

If you are called to do so, please comment as to what you’ve taken away from this session.  It's very helpful to know what you are getting from the instruction.  Feel free to ask questions as it will foster a deeper understanding of where you are in the process.