UNWIND: Day Four


Quick suggestion...
halt all distractions for 5 minutes (.)

The UNWIND Rituals


Today’s focus is on looking out for yourself, making sure you’re getting back what you need so that you’re refreshed and can stay mindful when stress rears its ugly head.  Most importantly, you must relieve yourself and take back ownership.

In order to do this, you must not only wake up with some sort of practice or ritual but also align yourself with the idea that you are more important than any stressor.  At the end of the day, you must bring it all together by closing with a ritual that continues to reinforce this idea.  Incorporate an AM and PM ritual routinely.

Also, you should create some sort of deep relaxation practice that allows you to drop into the space where nothing matters – where everything is weightless – relieving you of all the pressures that weigh you down.  As good as you might become in mindfully addressing stress, there will always be places in your body where you are unaware stress exists.  Deep relaxation reaches these hidden places and releases the stress caught there.

An AM and PM ritual coupled with a deep relaxation practice will help you show up to your waking hours.  Eight hours of sleep are what you need, thus, sixteen waking hours are your challenge where stress infiltrates the day.

Successfully showing up to your waking hours requires practice in showing up to yourself.  Incorporating the three techniques of an AM ritual, a PM ritual, and a deep relaxation practice will help make this possible.

As a bonus for your participation in this program, you will receive a gift via email. 

  1. Suggestions for an AM ritual
  2. PM ritual recommendations
  3. A recording of a deep relaxation practice

As always, comment on those concepts that are meaningful to you in this session.  If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.  Remember, your stress is not going away.  You are changing your relationship to it.  Utilize and practice all of the techniques you’ve learned so far.  Repeat you mantra.