UNWIND: Day Five


Quick suggestion...
halt all distractions for 5 minutes (.)


Befriend Your Stress

Before going further, thank you for showing up – not just to these sessions, but to yourself.  What you have endeavored to do is hard.  Asking you to create different patterns from those that have grooved over the years can be challenging.  Hopefully, by your participation, you have received some significant techniques to apply in your life right now that will shift your relationship to stress.

There is one more to offer.  It is nuanced and certainly might seem counterintuitive.  It’s befriending your stress.  Why? 

Because stress is never going to go away.  You’re never going to be able to change the conditions around you and beyond your control.  Unless you go to a deserted island, you’ll continue to have to deal with people and circumstances that create stress.  Since stress isn’t going away, why not create a relationship to it that works in your favor. 

Here is an exercise to help you grasp this concept.

Take one of your current stressors to which you have applied the techniques of this program.

  • You’ve identified it and acknowledged it.
  • You’ve owned it.
  • You’ve made yourself more important.
  • You’ve utilized the steps to take care of yourself.

Look at the stressor from the lens of “Thank You.”  From that lens, you try to understand what you can learn it rather than rejecting it.  How are you going to shift and work with it in a way that you receive a lesson or a value?  Befriend it.  Allow it to teach you and be part of your experience in a healthy way.  Allow yourself to be open to what it would be like to explore coming from the perspective of “Thank You.”  Wishing stress away will never happen.

As you may feel some resistance to the concept of “Befriending Stress,” please comment on these feelings.  If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.  Remember, your stress is not going away.  You are changing your relationship to it.  Utilize and practice all of the techniques you’ve learned so far.  Repeat your mantra.