UNWIND: Day Five

Before going further, thank you for showing up – not just to these sessions, but to yourself.  What you have endeavored to do is hard.  Asking you to create different patterns from those that have grooved over the years can be challenging.  Hopefully, by your participation, you have received some significant techniques to apply in your life right now that will shift your relationship to stress.

There is one more to offer.  It is nuanced and certainly might seem counterintuitive.  It’s befriending your stress.  Why? 

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UNWIND: Day Four

Today’s focus is on looking out for yourself, making sure you’re getting back what you need so that you’re refreshed and can stay mindful when stress rears its ugly head.  Most importantly, you must relieve yourself and take back ownership.

In order to do this, you must not only wake up with some sort of practice or ritual but also align yourself with the idea that you are more important than any stressor.  At the end of the day, you must bring it all together by closing with a ritual that continues to reinforce this idea.  Incorporate an AM and PM ritual routinely.

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UNWIND: Day Three

This session focuses on something very near and dear to us all, yet something that seems to be very elusive and a certain victim of stress. 

It's Joy!

Where is the joy in your life right now? 
Does it even play a part in your life?
When did you last experience unadulterated joy? 

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In this session, you will learn to take back ownership of stress rather than have it own you.  How do you separate yourself from stress and its impact on you and convert to a sense of ownership?

The strategy you use is called “Presence.”  You have to bring yourself back to the “now.” Most of our stress lives in either the past or the future and, because of that, we normally deal with stress powerlessly and in a way that is not in the moment. 

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Our purpose in this first session is to offer simple steps to begin the process of unwinding from your stress.  

There are two things you must do on your journey to unwind your stress:

  1. Acknowledge, with neutrality, the stress by identifying what is causing it.

  2. Reconnect to you – that you are more important than any of your stressors.   

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