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Your 5-day UNWIND  Journey
~ explore reconnecting to peace of mind ~


Hello & Welcome

how to experience the journey:

  • MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Pick a time every day to log into your INBOX and find your [Your UNWIND nudge] email. 
  • APPLY WHAT YOU LEARN THAT DAY: Before you think, "That won't work" or the worst, "I already know this", commit to practicing everything you learn each of the 5-days. Then you can go back to what you "know" if you feel like it didn't work...but it's going to work.
  • COMMENT ON THE VIDEOS: I LOVE hearing from you. So after each video tell me what
    you got from the tip and how you plan to apply it. 
  • OH YEAH...AND remember I am figuring out my intros to these videos. So go lightly on the critique.

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