#7 Own Your Experience

We’ve now come to the final step to setting yourself apart as Priority #1. Our ultimate journey does not end here. It really is just the beginning.

Before you receive your final tip, I want to remind you of the suggested steps needed to successfully move you along the way. No one is more important than the other.  They all work in tandem and require a conscious effort on your part.

#1 – Own the Mindset
#2 – Make Time to Play
#3 – Create Your Essentials List
#4 – Budget for You
#5 – Love and Pamper Yourself
#6 – Create Sunrise and Sunset Rituals

However, everything that has gone before will fail if you don’t fully accept the last step.

My final offering to shift your focus back to you in a guilt-free manner is to own your experience.

You are ALWAYS in control of your experience.

Don’t let your adulting responsibilities own you. If you become too busy or overwhelmed, stop and think “What has gotten me feeling too busy?” and then put it in its place. Slow down and make the effort to stay in the present.

Presence is power.

So, stay on top of your responsibilities by keeping them in check.

Remind them who is the real boss - YOU…..Priority #1!