#6 It's all about the A.M & P.M

Have you ever realized that the two most critical parts of your day are the beginning and the end - when you wake up and when you go to sleep? 

This remains true no matter what meeting is on your schedule or what event dominates your calendar.  And, how you manage these parts is vitally important.  Intentionally setting your tone for both can lead to a successful balance for life’s demands. 

However, setting a tone requires conscious effort.  A smooth start to the day doesn’t happen by accident, nor does a good night’s sleep.  You must wake up and go to bed focusing on yourself as Priority #1.

Create your sunrise & sunset rituals

Find ways to connect with yourself every morning before you dive headfirst into your day. Here are some of my favorite morning rituals.

  • Sippin’ my first cup of coffee while reading a juicy novel.
  • Washing my face with my favorite scrub and moisturizing with my ageless lotion.
  • Swinging on my side porch listening to the birds 

Find the same indulgences at night. Enjoy exploring what feels really good, relaxing, and reminds you to reconnect with yourself and put yourself first. My favorites include:

  • A good simple stretch session in bed
  • Reading my current inspiration while smelling my essential oils
  • Rolling out the tense spots with my handy tennis ball while taking deep breaths.

What you want to look out for are habits and current rituals that do not work for you.

For example, waking up and checking social media never sets me into a good headspace. Or falling asleep watching Real House Wives of OC.  Geezz…..that really can put you in the worst mood before falling asleep. You may think these habits are harmless, and I would agree they aren’t going to necessarily hurt you. But they sure can set a negative tone that can carry through your whole day and night.