#5 Between the Sheets

Let's get intimate real fast...

There is no better way to foster your own self-love than to relax and accept the love offered by yourself or your partner. What I really want to say is…..when you get the opportunity, bring your #1-self-love-making-A-game when you hit the sheets. 

You may be giggling like your 13-year-old self at the mere mention, but I encourage you to get excited because this is an element of play that is fun and invigorating. 

Take your pleasure game to a new level.

Part of putting you first is finding more pleasure...and there is no better place than you naked between your sheets. It is human nature to find pleasure through sex. Grab the latest gadgets, explore the Karma Sutra moves, and/or watch an Erika Lust film. 

Need more PG inspiration...

For those of us who grew up in a more conservative approach to sex, it may seem too much of a leap to start to explore ways of pleasuring yourself with toys or games with your partner. So, here is a little dose of ways to start to pamper yourself that will bring more pleasure and delight. 

  • Buy indulgent products for your showers. 

  • Take long and relaxing baths. 

  • Give yourself a foot rub at night with the best lotion you can find. 

  • And when the time comes, play in those sheets with your honey without feeling shameful or unworthy.

This is not the last on this topic. There will definitely be more on this later. Enjoy opening up to playing in a sexier way.