#4 Add a Budget Line for YOU

Your last tip was about Your Essentials List and its importance in making sure you take the time to focus on yourself and those things that bring you satisfaction. 

In some cases, the items on your list may be as simple as sipping a cup of coffee alone on your back porch before the rest of the family awakens.  There’s no cost in the pleasure, just a commitment of time.

But, what about those items that require an investment of financial resources, no matter the size? 

Just like any other things of importance, you must budget for them. Make sure you add a line item to your budget for your indulgences, and we’re not just talking about shop therapy.  Sure, new shoes are satisfying, but only until the first scuff of the soles.

What I’m suggesting is more along the lines of an investment…..

an investment in yourself!

Just like you would set aside funds for all of the important expenses of life, you should definitely earmark money for your own self-care, growth, spirituality, and life-long learning.

You probably had the same experience that I did in school. There was a lot of learning about everything from English to History to Math to Science.  But, no one talked with us about the importance of the relationship to self and its significance for our long-term happiness. And sometime around the age of 20, our parents waved us goodbye and reassured us that “You are an adult.  You got this.”  That was a lie, although I don’t think they meant to mislead you.  If someone is not familiar with the concept of self as a priority, they won’t know to pass it on.

Whether you’re 28, 38 or 68, there’s still a lot to be learned about self-regard. Here is what I urge you to do:

  • Take courses that connect you more to who you are in mind and body.
  • Read books that inspire you.
  • Take classes that help you discover what you enjoy doing in life. 
  • Learn a new language.
  • Go to a movie or restaurant by yourself.
  • Take a spa day.

Commit to it.
Budget for it.
Just do it!*

*No I am not endorsed by Nike, although I wish I were. But this is the best way to say, "Just do it!"