#3 Create Your Essentials List

In tip #2 you learned to reconnect with the idea of adding play back into your life. Your next step follows logically.  The creation of Your Essentials List. 

What sort of list is this? 

It’s the things in your life that bring you pure joy….the things that, by being placed at the top of your to-do list, will shift you to priority #1.  Items on your list will become your non-negotiables, meaning nothing will get in your way to making them happen. For an example, let me give you a peek at my current Essentials List, in no particular order.

  1. My morning ritual for the moment I wake-up
  2. My pole fitness class (Umm…yes, I am LOVING these classes)
  3. Simple time with my sweet cheeks (aka my husband)
  4. Good ole face washing in the morning and evening
  5. One deep meditation (yes, at least one)
  6. Staying inspired by reading & journaling frequently
  7. Hearing the birds
  8. Morning porch swing session with a cup of Joe (Fall/Spring)
  9. Giving my plants water & love
  10. My nighttime, wind down ritual

The way you show up to your Essentials is extremely important. It’s all about quality. When you put 100% into your Essentials, you will fill your own energy tank fast, giving you the ability to meet the obligations placed upon you by others.

There a few crucial questions we must answer to help maximize this step. 

  1. How often will you complete the items on your list?  Try to check off every item on your list at least once a week. And update your Essentials List every three to six months to keep it fresh and relevant to your current needs and desires.  I suggest starting with five items on your list and working up to 10 once you’ve been able to honor them consistently.
  2. What happens when you can’t honor your non-negotiable Essentials?  There’s a moment of hard truth and you have to own it: Something in your life has got to give…and it shouldn’t be you or anything on Your Essentials List.