The single sabotaging thought

One of the first limitations I encountered when considering putting myself first was simply a thought – the belief that doing so was not possible. And, the tentacles of doubt stemming from this one thought included –

  • My adulthood responsibilities would suffer.
  • I don't have enough time.
  • It is selfish to put myself first.
  • I won't have a thriving business.

It made me aware that a single thought could sabotage my whole “me first” quest.

Thankfully, over the years, I have studied and taught the art of “mindfulness.” What a time to put this knowledge into practice!

I will get to the tentacle thoughts another time. Right now, I believe the idea that something is not possible deserves its own blog.

If you believe something, it has to be true for you. If the belief is that something is not possible, then it won’t be. If I ventured into this unknown territory with the idea that putting myself first was not doable, it would definitely not be doable. Forget about all the other questions. I would never find answers if I had already made up my mind that it was impossible.

Even though I was not tackling the additional thoughts, I realized they were intertwined with my core belief. Before I could focus on anything else, I knew I had to change the one main obstacle from which everything flowed. If I could shift the thought from “impossible” to “possible,” perhaps there would be a ripple effect to all my other thoughts.

I came up with a phrase that I say to myself throughout the day. No matter what I am doing, my voice says, "I am priority #1."

I have not changed the way I show up to adulthood – meaning my morning routine still looks the same and I am still showing up to my work in the same way. But, for now, I am going to re-program my brain to believe the truth I am seeking and see what happens from here.

Try it on. See how it works for you.

Lyn TallyComment