My "Wake Up to Me" Moment

I am in the fortunate position (albeit self-created) to take on an important task -  the exploration into whether putting myself first is the way to go in this life. So far, the results are a gigantic “Hell Yes!”

Over my lifetime, (and I am close to 40), I have gone after my dreams.

  • I dreamed of being a professional ballet dancer (check).
  • I dreamed of owning my own two companies (check). 
  • I dreamed of becoming a yoga therapist (check).
  • I dreamed of teaching other's how to be a yoga therapist (check).
  • I dreamed of creating a life where I could work from anywhere in the world (check).

But the one thing I noticed while chasing my dreams was it felt like that was all I was doing - chasing.  At some point, it occurred to me that my chasing was actually breaking me down.

I was living for an achievement which, when accomplished, brought no sense of happiness or peace of mind.  Strange… could this be? How was it that I was accomplishing all these milestones and yet I was still struggling with a lack of fulfillment, no peace of mind, and anxiety?

I had always been told, "Follow your dreams and you will be happy."

I took the message to heart and am proof that following your dreams does not actually make you happy. Yes, it is fun and worth it to follow your dreams, but I wanted to be happy, too.

It was hard for me to discern where the imbalance was coming from. Finally, I realized my passions, desires, and dreams had become more important than me. My state of being was being pushed to a limit that was creating more discomfort, disease, and exhaustion.

No, I don't think this is a “have your cake and eat it, too” situation. I think this is our birthright. I believe life is challenging but is not meant to be a tireless fight. I believe you have to work for what you want, but it can be fun, uplifting, and invigorating.

So, I continued to explore what shift I could make to have both- My dream career and happiness.

What I discovered was one key piece...all of my dreams and passions were owning me. They all came first. And that was what was wrong.

I realized that before anything else, I had to connect with Lyn. I needed to show-up to me first before anyone or anything else. So now, I am on a journey to shift how I show up to my life and I want you to come along for the journey.

My quest to this new way of showing up will hopefully help me answer these questions...

  • Can I put myself first and live out my dreams?
  • What does it mean to show-up to me first?
  • What will I do if I put myself first?
  • How might this impact other areas of my life?
  • Does showing up to myself mean I am selfish?
  • What will my husband think if I give more time to myself than my work?
  • What will happen to my business?
  • Will I fail or thrive?
  • How will I feel?

Follow along and learn from my experience what it means to put myself first, how I accomplish doing so, the results and the ripple effect.

Lyn TallyComment