Meet Bianca

Over the years I have had to navigate my own business(es). Yes, plural. I didn't just stop with one. I continued to create multiple avenues of income.

At the same time, my husband decided to start his own LLC doing carpentry work locally. We were so naive that we never considered the administrative side to the business. I struggled to find the balance and witnessed him trying to figure it out in his own way. At times I would step in to help because I did not want him to feel the struggle.

Of course, the net result was that more and more responsibility became mine and I ended up managing triple the number of businesses I had signed up for.

One of the biggest dilemmas we faced was being able to discuss the "to-do" list. The tasks that "needed" to be taken care of in order for the ship to sail smoothly. I found it rather frustrating when my husband would not respond to my inquiries about his business needs.

This whole setup depleted my character. I felt drained by the position I was in and did not enjoy helping him. I knew he was grateful, but it was also easy for him to pass the request off for another day.

If I continued to help him, I knew I needed a different solution. I felt no support with the situation and knew if something didn't change, I would continue to be a bitch when dealing with the details.

I don't like being bitchy and my husband definitely doesn't like that side of me. The whole experience tarnished our relationship and joy (which has become one of my biggest measuring tools for whether it is part of my "me, too" approach) was nowhere to be found.

Sure, I could have hired the work out to someone else. But, before I chose to go that route, I thought "let me try one more solution."

My solution...everyone, meet Bianca.

Bianca.... Lyn Tally's alter ego and her husband's new assistance. Bianca handles all of her husband's business needs. She is a boss, is direct, and keeps Mr. Riddle in check (all the struggles I had when dealing with the day to day managing).

It has been extremely liberating to find a solution that is playful, funny, and actually accomplishes the ultimate help my husband while making sure I don't suffer.

As you start to realize that you can make changes to everything in your life that is not working for you, you will come up with some creative, fun ways to make the changes. No, Bianca is not for hire, but I am sure you can find your own alter ego ....with a moniker that suits you just fine.

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