Dear, Time. We will play my way :: (Part-One)

Do you feel like time is going way too fast?

You have probably noticed that it is already November and you are thinking, "Where did summer go?" or even "Where did 2017 go?"

It can seem fast. And lord knows that when you are having fun, it goes even faster. (Which I think is the most f-ed up joke the cosmos plays on us all. Why can't it be that when life is hard and challenging the shit goes fast and when it is feeling exceptionally delicious we can move in slow-mo?)

I have a reality check to share with you...if you decide to put yourself first, your life is going to speed up. Doing what you love will make time move faster. You will be enjoying all the details your heart desires more regularly. Take it from me, the exchange is part of the path. But in exchange, you receive a full heart, the fulfillment you desire, and the feeling that you are exactly where you are supposed to be (more on that later).

The news does have a bit of a double-edged sword. No one really wants their life to go faster (especially when they are enjoying their life).

Here is what I can slow it down.

The most effective way to slow it down is to experience your life with a quality of presence that means you are there and nowhere else.

  • Live the moment with your whole sense of being.
  • Feel the moment with your whole sense of being.
  • Discover more about the moment with your whole sense of being.
  • Commit to the moment with your whole sense of being.

By being completely invested in your "me, too" approach, time will no longer flash by but will be soaked up in every pore of your being.

Enjoy this path because it will offer you the delights you've been desiring at a pace you own.

Lyn TallyComment