My "Sitcom" Solution for Your Holiday Headache

The most frequently asked question this time of year is...

" do I manage my stress during this crazy time
of year when it's meant to be fun and enjoyable?"

Here is my answer...

It’s the holidays. And as a “stress management expert”
(not the title I go by but what I've been given) people ask me
all the time to give them something that will help them deal
with their holiday stressors. 

You know the situations where:

  • Your in-laws are grating on my nerves or…
  • Your kids have had too much sugar and are being total brats or… 
  • Your husband is snoring so much you can’t sleep because... he drank too much at the holiday party. 

OH, the JOYS…Right?! YES! Right!

Cause here is the thing...

I wish I could give you a magic pill or guided meditation to help you escape the intensity and rid you of your holiday headaches. 

At this time I don't have it for you.
What I do want to offer you is this…
Right now what you are experiencing is life. 

In some way, you already predicted this experience. 
You told yourself this is how it’s going to be…STRESSFUL. 

What if…JUST WHAT IF… 
you chose to experience the holiday with a simple approach.

How about LAUGH your way through? YEP! Laugh.

Stop the seriousness. 
Stop wanting to make people be different so you can enjoy yourself. Just laugh at what’s happening around you. 

Your holiday experience can either
bring you pure hell or PURE JOY. 

Choose the one that you desire and make it happen for yourself. 

Don’t wait on anyone else. 
Now get out there to the family dinner and LAUGH.
Pretend it’s a sitcom you signed-up to watch
and find joy in the messiness.

My peace in your heart &
your belly-laughs lead the way!

Lyn TallyComment