Join the movement shifting the mindset around stress so you can feel like you again.


Stress is the #1 cause of illness today. Take a stance and begin to implement effective, efficient courses that will teach people how to undo the patterns of stress. Our signature stress-reduction program is unlike any other wellness program out there. 


Unwind® shifts the stressful workplace mindset by teaching employees how to befriend stress starting the moment they wakeup which raises team morale, increases client retention, and boost company profits.


Reducing unnecessary stress and increasing well-being does not have to be comprehensive in it's approach. If you know the right techniques you can fast track the success to experiencing peace of mind in the daily grind. 

UNWIND® is a unique stress management course that teaches practical meditation and mindfulness techniques to employees at all skill levels in a real-time experiential setting. Going beyond yoga and relaxation, UNWIND® helps employees redefine how they engage stress in all areas of their lives, by listening to cues from their bodies, minds and emotions.

To find ease right now, all that is required is...
ONE word, ONE stretch, and ONE super power (you currently possess).