Hold on, friend. 
Let's get real, real fast.

Before you can be happy & satisfied
you must:

  • Finish your urgent work deadline...
  • Complete your never-ending household chores...
  • Pay down those pesky bills...
  • Find the love connection with your partner you lost 10 years ago...

Now can you enjoy your happiness and satisfaction?

Oh, No! 
My bad.
I totally forgot, you have to get:

  • Your side hustle off the ground
  • Your body back! and fit in those Levis you've been saving since college
  • Your Self-care routine on point
  • and your meditation practice dialed in

Ok! Now?!
Now are you ready?!

We both know you have another list waiting in the wings to rattle off to me.

It’s your way of prolonging what you really desire… to finally feel happy & satisfied.

LYN + HALLIE-196.jpg

It's exactly what I did as I accomplished

... becoming a professional ballet dancer
… getting my weight down to115 pounds
… starting my own company
… marrying the man of my dreams

Still to no long-lasting happiness or satisfaction. 

It took the compilation of all these successful areas of my life, without the corresponding satisfaction, for me to realize that my ability to tap unconditional joy did not come from anything else but myself. 

Then I made the shift. 
Are you ready to make the shift too?



You are officially invited to learn
my secrets to unleash your power
to tap into peace of mind
& finally own your happiness and satisfaction.

Join me as I show you how to find exactly what you are desiring in your life—right now!


(Pick your personal preference and you won't go wrong.) 


Currently enrolling for the next series.
Limited to 20.

Currently enrolling for the next series.
Limited to 5.

Dear Friend,

Let me finish by saying,
there comes a time when you finally say...

“It’s time for me to enjoy this life I’ve created!” ~ You

And when you do, I say... 

“Welcome, my friend.
Let’s do this!” ~ Me

You will get excited and then will start to question whether you are worth it. You will wonder if taking the time to focus on you and your happiness will take away from your loved-ones leaving you with good ole feelings of guilt and selfishness. These thoughts and feelings are normal and understandable. 

You will then wonder whether finding complete happiness is for real. If it's even possible. It's for real. And another thing that is real is the community you are connecting to.

You have officially connected to your community that believes life is meant to be simpler with more belly laughs, high-fives, and infectious smiles. You're joining hundreds of life-long learners embracing the secret to sustainable peace and happiness. 

Go ahead and sigh relief while you pour your glass of rose because your tribe is ready to toast your arrival. 

Now go on with your bad self & celebrate.


Hello, I'm Lyn Tally. 


Over the last decade, I've run my business and worked with corporations in the southeast teaching my mindfulness strategies and I am excited to share them with you too. In addition, I've created more programming with Hallie Buchanan and currently air the UNSNUCKed Podcast. 

Has it always been easy for me?

Not at all. It's been personal, though. Anxiety, worry, and striving to be "perfect" were my norm. My family called me the worry wort (I know awful nickname, right?!). But it was true. I worried for no reason. I was stuck grinding it out chasing my satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy.

After succeeding as a professional ballet dancer, starting my own business, and marrying the man of my dreams, I realized those were not the answer to my peace of mind and happiness. 

What was my solution?

Slow-down, tune-in, reconnect and make a relationship to my self (knowing my mind, emotions, and body) a priority. I believe life is meant to be experienced where ease and laughter are more of the norm. Even through all the much we face, both internally and externally, life can be delightful and welcomed. Now, after years of personal experiences, thousands of hours of education, and years of teaching around the world, I am more excited than ever before to work with those ready to be inspired by their own lives. 

Guaranteed I'm shakin' up your hustle mindset and the unwanted stress in your life by showing you there is a better way to do adulthood. There is no longer a reason to feel the pains of your overworked, burnt-out, and exhausted headspace.

Want a little more info first?

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