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Welcome, friend! 
I’m so glad you’re here.

You’re probably really excited and ready to jump straight in,
but before you can be happy and satisfied,
there’s a few things you’ll need to do first...

Before you can be happy & satisfied, you must:

  • Finish that huge work project (by deadline, of course)
  • Complete every single house chore and all the renovations
  • Pay off all that pesky credit card debt and get your bills in order
  • Rekindle the passion in your relationship

Ok now that’s all done we can start.

Oh wait! That’s right. My bad.
Before the whole happy & satisfied thing you’ll
also need to get your...

  • Side hustle off the ground
  • Body back and in those size 4 jeans
  • Self-care routine on point
  • Meditation practice dialed in so you can say you can meditate

Ok, NOW that you’ve got all those things checked off, you’re ready to finally feel happy and satisfied.

See what I did there?  I know. We just got real, real fast.

Because here's the deal, I know when it comes to what you truly desire most - to feel happy and satisfied - it’s most often delayed by all the things you think you have to do first. 

Don't believe me...Cool. Now isn't your time to explore the idea that you may have more to do with achieving your own satisfaction. Come back when you feel called to learn how to connect with unlimited source of satisfaction regardless of your success or failures.  

But those of you who do hear what I'm saying, let's keep chatting. 

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How do I know?
Because it’s exactly
what I did as I ...

•became a professional ballet dancer
•got my weight down to115 pounds
•started my own company (yep, "Boss")
•married the man of my dreams

But even after checking all those things off my list, I still didn’t feel that long-lasting happy or satisfied I so desperately wanted.

No matter what I accomplished it didn't bring the joy I thought it would. 

Then I made an internal shift.

And since you’re here reading this, I bet you’re ready to make that shift, too.



You are officially invited to learn my secrets to unleash your power to tap into peace of mind
& finally own your happiness and satisfaction.

Join me as I show you how to find exactly what you are desiring in your life—right now!


Where will we start?

Let's just say your life has called and...
it wants YOU back. 
Not the "too busy" you.
Nope, not the "worried" you.
Not the "taking care of everyone else first" you.
Definitely not the "overthinking" you.


You won't learn the best yoga pose to create to be the best version of yourself or the perfect green juice mixture to drink your way back to your truest nature. I am not even going to ask you to find your purpose and leave your job to create your own business to serve the greater good. 

That’s all great but with this proven, trusted process, you’re going to look at the life you have now with a different lens to discover happiness now. You will simply refocuse on gaining peace of mind to break free from your exhausting daily grind, learn my "ME, FIRST" secrets to boost your energy and give back to your everyday passions, and tap happy & satisifed now to live out your best life regardless of your current challenges and successes.  


It's back to tried and true mindfulness basics.



Your Mind + Energy

  • Learn to manage your energy (not your time) and break free from the "too busy" mindset.
  • Drop "trying so hard" and the grinding daily routine, and embrace the ease living waiting for you in your life now.

Your Soul

  • Create your own individualized self-care routine that works in your schedule using my signature UNWIND™ approach and boost your energy to give back to your passions and loved ones. 
  • Explore easier living in all areas of your life. 


Your Happiness

  • Tap your reserve now.
  • Wait no longer to enjoy what is naturally given to you at birth by freeing yourself from external reward or accomplishing measuring your authentic happiness. 

From your desk chair to your kitchen sink to in-between the sheets, it's time to get real and make a true commitment to yourself. 

~ Lyn Tally

It's time to shift a few key thoughts and discover you are...

Worthy of putting yourself first, able to be successful while being true to your needs and you can be super woman all while caring for yourself.

If you are ready to... 

Feel your Saturday flow everyday of the week, dial down your overthinking and increase your joy, & create your personalized self-care routine that taps your soul's joyful state of being. Join me as I teach you my tips, ideas, and philosophies that make you want to show-up to you first. 

Working with me, you’ll resolve your uncertain questions…  

  • Where do I even begin with my stress? It feels overwhelming.
  • My life is too busy -- do you really think I can find peace of mind? (Absolutely)
  • How can I find ease and happiness in the life I am living now? (I promise you can)
  • Does pure happiness even exist in the life I'm living? 

I'll share my personal approaches so you can:

  • Create your own individualized self-care routine that works in your schedule.
  • Feel empowered and want to serve even more. 
  • Manage your energy not your time.
  • Align with your happiness before achieving your next tasks, to-do, and/or goal.
  • Break through the striving cycle and still feel successful in life.

PLUS you'll learn my signature UNWIND™ approach that combines mindfulness + deep relaxation to teach you how to:

  • Capture control over stress by knowing the difference between good vs. bad stress.
  • Understand how to use mindfulness to catch bad stress and quickly shift to ease. 
  • Reconnect to the focused single-task method of productivity rather than the exhausting multi-tasking mindset. 
  • Identity the 5 common areas of life where stress dwells and learn how to shift it for one’s happiness and well-being. 
  • Discover the 5 elements where one is personally impacted by stress and create an individual plan to increase its positive effects.
  • Learn how to effectively utilize the method of UNWIND throughout a 24-hour day cycle and enhance one’s overall health, decrease unnecessary fatigue, and feel vibrant  

Hello, I'm Lyn Tally

Has it always been easy for me?

Not at all. It's been personal, though. Anxiety, worry, and striving to be "perfect" were my norm. My family called me the worry wort (I know awful nickname, right?). But it was true. I worried for no reason. I was stuck grinding it out chasing my satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy.

What was my solution?

Slow-down, tune-in, reconnect and make a relationship to myself (knowing my mind, emotions, and body) a priority. I believe life is meant to be experienced where ease and laughter are more of the norm. Even through all the much we face, both internally and externally, life can be delightful and welcomed. Now, after years of personal experiences, thousands of hours of education, and years of teaching around the world, I am more excited than ever before to work with those ready to be inspired by their own lives.


I’ve traveled this journey myself and I’ve helped hundreds of others do the same.

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.
On this path together...



Be supported through you
own personal experience. 

You'll explore your own worthiness to feel unconditional happiness. Your thoughts and questions, and feelings are normal and understandable. 


You'll know happiness,
now, is for real.

Simple concepts and philosophies will help you discover where you want to hold on to old patterns and how to let go with grace and ease. Applying them in your real life creates the shift you desire. 


Your community here
and waiting for you.

You have officially connected to your community that believes life is meant to be simpler with more belly laughs, high-fives, and infectious smiles. You're joining hundreds of life-long learners embracing the secret to sustainable peace and happiness.

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April Duckworth.
Lyn was not only communicative, but supportive, intelligent, and a source of wisdom. Lyn helped me to discover ways to actually feel present in my body. I have lived the majority of my life not feeling present due to the struggle of an eating disorder. Lyn taught me ways that I can allow my soulful self to rise up as well. She taught me that I can be at play. That I can ease up on myself and slow down. I know it seems like these things would be intuitive, but I think many of us can relate to the struggle in which I refer, and slowing down and playing are simply not acceptable in our minds. Lyn taught me that it is in fact acceptable, and more so, a way to truly embrace and live life to the fullest. Lyn taught me that showing up for myself is something I can do every day as well. It is not selfish to take care of myself, but rather, looking out for others in the process. Lyn's kindness and authenticity are evident in every interaction. I look forward to more sessions and time shared with Lyn and the wisdom that she offers. 

If you’re really ready to shake up your hustle mindset, put the checklists to the side and put your own happiness and satisfaction as a priority, I’m ready to show you how.



(Pick your personal preference and you won't go wrong.) 

basic/$497 • upgraded/$779

NEXT GROUP BEGINS February 13 to March 20

basic investment includes $497

  • SIX Live group calls - Tuesdays from 4:30 to 5:45 pm
  • Extra Q&A LIVE videos with Lyn to answer your curiosities and share your successes
  • Weekly recorded  lectures to watch, listen, or read (depending on your learning style)
  • Downloads, Worksheets, and Audio Guides to ensure the integration happens for you

upgraded investment includes $779

  • All basic materials
  • 1:1 two hour session with Lyn
  • Access to the Soulful Sequence Series, Bring your Yoga Practice home

Currently enrolling for the next series. Limited to 10.
Payment options available.

Recently one of my clients acknowledged a basic truth...

“If you just become present to the moment, you detach from the chaos created in your mind.” She continued to tell me working together she was able to reduce her exhausting mental chatter, retrain her thoughts to attract more ease and joy and feel like her free-spirited self again. She continued to share she'd found the balance in her weekdays she’d desired, and has become a better parent, friend, and boss.

There is no longer a reason to feel the pains of your overworked, burnt-out, and exhausted headspace. There’s a better way to do adulthood and it includes your own personal happiness and satisfaction.

Go ahead and let out a sigh relief while you pour yourself a glass of rose (fancy e here for rose). Your tribe is ready to toast your arrival.