Lyn Tally

entrepreneur, mindset coach, and
unabashed believer in living authentically

Dear, You. 
My story is one that I appreciate being able to share. Has it always been easy? Absolutely not! For some reason though, my heart guided me to study mindfulness and I am grateful I listened. Today, I thrive on living my life fully. I love waking up wondering what is going to come my way. Who will I meet or what experience will be mine. I look forward to the unknown, rather than fear it. "Bring it" is louder than "please don't".

Anxiety, worry, and striving to be "perfect" were my norm. My family called me the worry wort (I know awful nickname, right?!). But it was true. Obsessively, I worried for no reason. I am sure many can relate to being overly anxious and concerned about life in an exhausting way. 

Because of the effort I made to slow-down, tune-in, reconnect and make a relationship to my self (knowing my mind, emotions, and body) a priority, I found a way. I believe life is meant to be experienced where ease and laughter are more of the norm. Even through all the much we face, both internally and externally, life can be delightful and welcomed. 

Now, after years of personal experiences, thousands of hours of education, and years of teaching around the world, I am more excited than ever before to work with those ready to be inspired by their own lives. Until we meet, be you!  


Founder of Go Interactive Wellness

Creator of UNWIND 

Facilitator at Deliberate Method's Meditation, Mindfulness, and Beyond series

Co-creator to UNSNUCKed podcast